“I’m thankful for a pair of shoes that feel really good on my feet; I like my shoes. I’m thankful for the birds; I feel like they’re singing just for me when I get up in the morning… Saying, ‘Good morning, John. You made it, John.’ I’m thankful for the sea breeze that feels so good right now, and the scent of jasmine when the sun starts going down. I’m thankful…”~Johnny Cash

I like to read this blog called Sweet Salty on a regular basis. I like the way she writes about daily stuff and makes it a little bit magical. Today’s post is magically written, but hauntingly sad. You can read what she posted today and last week in your own time.

What I’m talking about today, being thankful, is a result of that bucket of cold water her posts threw on me when I was feeling a bit like a grumpy mama-bear with snotty nosed monster children. Something that stopped the grrr rah rah and made me think about who my little people were, how sweet and kind they could be and how lucky I am to have such lovely little people.

When we were going through the exciting task of name choosing we adopted the Chinese approach of giving a child a name that embodies your hopes for the child. Giving them names that speak of traits you hope your child will have.

Noah Dennis En-Lai is named for the famous Noah. A man who cared so much for everything that he spent his life building a huge boat to put two of every creature onto it so that the world could continue (well, that’s how I see it). His Chinese name, En-Lai, means thankful for that which comes and goes. And he is. He is so adaptable. He gives everything a go, and doesn’t mind a bit of change. Dennis is for his grandfather.

Luciénne Rosa En-Qi is all about seeing the light, about her being a little light for us.  She was born in a time of grief and in a time when some close friends were coming to terms with the possibility of never becoming parents. Luciénne, which is a French name meaning light, showed us how lucky we were. She showed us that happiness still happens in a world of sad. A little ray of hope. Her Chinese name speaks of energy. En-Qi means thankful for the life force. Which we were. As she grows we can see the dual meaning of this name, energy. Sometimes her energy is raw and brutal. A ball of extreme emotion that explodes out in fits of rage. And then, like that first little ray of light that breaks through the grey clouds, she will turn to you and say “I’m sorry” with big eyes. Rosa is for her Nannie.

I’ve got  lot to be thankful for. When Noah plays with Luci he is so caring. He shares and helps and patiently tells her “It’s ok, Luci” when something goes wrong and she dissolves into tears. She looks up to him with the big eyes of a little sister who thinks everything he does is amazing. She mimics his every move and word.

So very reflective today about them. Both of them have “thankful” in their names. My husband and I truly believe that if everyone could be a bit more optimistic and focus on the good things they have and be thankful, then maybe we would all be a little happier.

Reading that blog post about loss and grief made me remember that when my cupcakes sink, the kitchen is a mess, the kids tip dry lentils on the floor and skate them around the entire house, when the washing is piled up to the ceiling, when the bills come in and when I just have a whopping big headache  just to still be thankful every single day.

I’ve got to drive all the way down to Melbourne today with the kids to go get some stitches out at the dentist. The dentist time will probably take about the 10 minutes, the drive there and back about 2.5 – 3 hours. But we’ll go get daddy from work and eat some cheap and cheerful Vietnamese food in Richmond and be thankful for some family time.






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