The Pros


>Certainly being a school teacher during term has some serious drawbacks- early mornings, no time for lunch, detentions, snotty nosed kids with gigantic chips on their shoulders, snotty nosed co-workers with gigantic chips on their shoulders, snotty nosed parents with gigantic chips on their shoulders, St Georges Rd MacDonald’s ‘no smoothies before 9am’ policy, trucks on the Hume Hwy, co-workers busting me singing along to the radio on the Hume Hwy, reports and bells that ring at 8.50, 9.01, 9.11, 9.14, 10.01, 10.04, 10.51, 11.08, 11.11, 11.58, 12.01, 12.48, 1.30, 1.33, 2.20, 2.23, 3.10.

Atleast I haven’t returned to the ding dong ding dong bell hallucinations that plagued my days throughout 2002-2003. All NOVA teachers can explain the horrible bell that tolls a million times a day at work, and then seems to follow you home to ring when you are in the shower, asleep, in the supermarket or even getting drunk in a bar. The worst thing is, you immediately have that moment of panic in which you think you haven’t pulled your files and prepared a lesson.

I digress, this blog is titled The Pros. I was getting there. It is week 3 of holidays and I have settled in to a nice routine of getting up between 9am and 5pm, watching a DVD chosen randomly from the ever growing collection (thank-you Jack and your e-bay addiction), meeting someone for coffee, going out for dinner and then bumming around till about 2am when I go back to bed.

Maybe it sounds boring, but it is infact quite satisfying to have periods of time where your brain is in power-saver mode. I do confess to perhaps simplifying my daily routine that isn’t exactly a routine yet… but as I said, I am on power-saver mode and right now I am watching The Real Cancun, so I guess an explanation of what happened in the first 3 weeks will have to wait till tomorrow.

Wear sunscreen.

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