>I have spoken of eBay before (briefly of Jack’s addiction) and I must say that in the space of 6 weeks I have developed a ‘habit’.

Two nights ago I dropped everything to hook my computer up to the net so I could check out the last few minutes of an item I was watching. Colin and I were perched on the bed, glued to the laptop frantically trying to win an auction. In the last 15 seconds my dial-up internet connection finally sealed the deal on the case for ADSL- we lost.
Apparently, when it comes to auctions you should not get emotional…. I can only imagine the carnage that will follow when I lose my first auction for a house if the reaction is directly proportional to the size or cost of the object.

So unbearable was my pouty moping for the ensuing 30 minutes, that Colin frantically scoured eBay for a matching item (in-the-box G-Lide Baby G Casio watch).

Just when I was about to give up on the whole eBay scam, of which until that moment I had been a big fan of…. games, DVDs, jewellery, kitchen appliances and clothes had all been magically delivered to my home, the watch seller whose auction I had just lost emailed to say that the sale fell through and that the watch was mine!

Who needs bars and clubs for entertainment when you have got the highs and lows of eBay?!

But truly, back to the basis of this addiction, it seems the addiction is a spin-off from my burgeoning internet shopping-spree. It started innocently with some concert tickets on ticketek, then there was the sheet music site, plane tickets and cosmetics. I would have to be the least credit card paranoid person I know. I am throwing that number all over all kinds of sites. Now eBay has offered itself up as a gateway to anything I ever wanted to buy in the store but thought was too expensive (or if you just decide to be extra tight and get that $15 CD for $5 (don’t forget the $5 postage!).

Everything is there…. everything. I mean, who couldn’t love shopping in a place where under the heading ‘Collectables: Weird Stuff’ you can view auctions for Iraq 5 Dinar notes (1992 ones with Suddam Hussein on them) right next to a Twisty shaped like a penis (currently at $13.49 with 1hr38m left…hurry up it’s a bargain!!!). There’s a mini pig chucker (up to 15 ft…. v v impressive!!), a kangaroo scrotum purse (a must for this year’s fashion week,)a Voodoo doll and a cup of knowledge (made by Grosvenor China circa 1924 for divination only).

Just now, I spotted a new item to bid on- a mini swearing punching bag. I can’t think of any teacher who DOESN’T need one of these. It’s at $12 and has 11hrs to go- I’ll book mark it for later.

Gotta run- Versace distressed blue denim jeans ends in 10 minutes.

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