Top 10 (part three)


>4. Dinner, show and a sapphire
In about August of 2004 I met a boy called Colin. A nice sort of chap. A little bit too cocky for most people’s taste (and normally mine, in fact, fairly unlike my usuals all round!), but a really good conversationalist and ALWAYS full of surprises. The exact details of how I came to meet him are inconsequential- all you really need to know is that he eventually got the thumbs up from the panel (who had in more recent times began to wonder if perhaps I wasn’t purposefully finding rejects to bring home just for SHOCK value). On October 29th I went to dinner at the European, there was French champagne (oohh-la-laaa), there was Crème Brule, there were surprise tickets to see ‘The Merchants of Bollywood’ (highly recommended). Then at the shows half time there were more surprises- a key to a hotel! And then in the hotel there was Swiss chocolate and a box with more chocolate and at the bottom of the box was a SAPPHIRE RING!!!
Eat your heart out, Kate Winslet, my blue rock kicks butt all over that stupid heart of the ocean rubbish!! Oh yeah, it was a proposal, and I said yes. You’re looking at the future Mrs Yeung.

3. No more nightclubs
I went overseas when I was 21. I was still getting used to not being a teenager. When I came back I had to deal with the fact that I wasn’t really early 20s anymore, but mid 20s. This meant nightclubs weren’t really a place where I would meet people my age. In fact, they would be a place that would make me look old. On November 28th, 2005 , I truly became not early 20s…. in fact I became at the latter end of mid 20s. Twenty-six. What an awful age. Where have my 20s gone???

2. Jet
Skipping a few months into 2006 here. On Anzac day this year I finally convinced Col to let me get a pet. I got a black half Siamese kitten from a family in Werribee. Our little baby Jet has been a never ending source of entertainment for me and a never ending source of stress fro Col. You see, as a child Colin’s pets were goldfish (and I think probably a few rocks, too). He has never had the joy of being awoken by a pet chewing on your arm. Who doesn’t love that?
I think animals really can smell fear. Colin has admitted to being scared. The cat does jump on his head while he is asleep. I say it means he loves him. Col says he is trying to scratch his eyes out. He does (I admit) have frighteningly long claws and very sharp teeth.
I keep telling Col that he will grow out of this playful phase and become a relaxing pet that sits on your lap and purrs (and not as current, waiting until you get out of the shower to try and use your legs as a scratching post.). Surely the phase won’t last longer than 3-4 years?

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