Top 10 (part four)


>1. Damn, I am good.
Back to December 2005. I moved into Colin’s house, When I say ‘I moved’ I really mean all my stuff was taken to Colin’s house. Not by me. Nope. I didn’t touch a single thing. I didn’t even pack boxes. Somehow it turned out that while Col and my little brother were breaking their backs, grazing knuckles on door frames and generally getting shitty I was spending the weekend at a 5 star hotel with unlimited access to the day spa.

On Saturday I left my East Melbourne home with my overnight bag. I ate at fancy restaurants. I went and saw the Lion King stage show. I had a massage. I ordered room service. I got a facial and then sat in the steam room for a while. I had a buffet breakfast. Then on Sunday I went home to my new house in Heidelberg to find all my belonging conveniently delivered and some even unpacked.

Yes, I am a Jedi Master.

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