The Elegant Bride


>You know what, for all my talk about being chilled-out and not stressed, I’ve gotta say that at about 2.30pm the day before, I was starting to get a little bit worried about the very likelihood of me fainting from a combination of extreme heat (42 degrees) and an extremely tight dress (the dress maker told me it’s like jeans- really tight for the first hour or so until it stretches a little. Walking 5 meters in the shop with that on made me a little light-headed). But it wasn’t just the heat, it was also the fact that there was 10m visibility due to all the smoke that had blown in from the bushfires. All that time my mum and Colin had been barking on about rain, it hadn’t really crossed my mind that too much smoke in the air would be a problem!
As luck had it (and it always does with me), the smoke blew off overnight, it dropped 3 degrees and there was a slight breeze that took the edge off the heat. Well, almost.

People ask me what my wedding day was like, and strangely enough the first thing that pops into mind is standing next to Colin (having just been escorted down the aisle by my father) and cringing at the feeling of sweat running down my legs. Of course, I would never say that. I would gush about the luck of having parasols as bonbonniere, or about the beautiful cold change that came trough at about 3pm and made the evening one of those magical summer dreams filled with good wine and sumptuous food amidst excellent company.

If you look closely at some of our 3 zillion wedding photos, you can see the moment I am talking about- for a woman just about to be wed, I sure have a funny look on my face!

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