Wool Octopus


There are so many thing you can do with wool other than knit or crochet………..


  1. Wind the wool around the length of a book (size of book will make octopus larger or smaller) until you have a nice wad of wrapped wool. Cut this off from the ball of wool.
  2. Carefully take off your wound wool from the book. Using a short piece of wool, tie round the wound wool, about  4-5 inches (8 – 10 cm) down. Make sure the knot is secure.
  3. Cut through the large loop. This is going to make the legs.
  4. Turn your octopus upside down and sit it’s head between your legs. Divide the cut wool into eight even ‘legs’ and plait each in turn, using small pieces of wool to tie off each leg, then trim.
  5. Your octopus is almost complete – using  felt, cut out some eyes and a mouth, and glue on.


Roughly divide in half the pieces below the head.  Put the arms braid through the middle of the pieces.  Use a piece of wool to tie the pieces tightly under the arm braid to make a waist.
Divide the loose pieces in half to make two legs.  Tie each half tightly near the bottom to make puffy pants.  Or braid each leg and then tie off.

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