Grand Designs


>About 18 months ago we bought a house. Not really sure what came over us. We had vowed that we were over looking at houses and decided that renting made sense for now. And then there was this house just around the corner from our flat- absolute fugly thing that could possibly be described as a renovator’s delight (or as the realestate said “a diamond in the rough”). Had a 10 minute walk through then the nesting pregnancy hormones set in and 3 days later we had signed a contract.

Basically, we had watched one to many episodes of Property Ladder and Grand Designs. Sarah Beaney has a lot to answer for. Here we were sitting on the couch scoffing at couples letting their renovations go over budget and well out of control thinking “pffft, we’re too smart to make those kind of mistakes” completely unaware that we had already made the biggest mistake of the lot- don’t ever buy a house that needs renovating when you have a baby on the way.

Here are 5 reasons why not:

1. Heavily pregnant women are pretty much useless and very sensitive to anything that gives off an odour.
2. New parents are zombies and there should be a law against them using power tools. I’m thinking there should be a tv campaign warning against sleep deprevation and home reno.
3. Little babies don’t like the sound of power tools in action. Nor do mummies dealing with a 3 hourly feeding schedule.
4. Crawling babies require a dust, nail, hole, paint and rubble free existence.
5. Putting baby furniture together is enough of a challenge. Nobody needs to better themselves by learning how to plaster, build cabinetry or hang doors.

Having said that, I don’t think we did too badly. Colin and I (well, mostly Colin) ripped up the old carpet, got out about a million carpet tacks, knocked out a wall here and there, re-stumped the house (’twas a tilty, head-spinning house of horror to begin with), sanded and polished the floors, replaced a section of the ceiling and got a new letter box.

Stay tuned, about 5 times that amount still to come.

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