Grrrl Power


“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding” ~Betty White

I’m not a feminist. Honestly. But I warn you, this post might come across that way!

On Wednesday, I went for a jog. Usually I will do 3km. Maybe 3.5km. But this day I was really feeling my playlist and did a 7km jog!! I think what really got me going, unexpectedly, was the Beyoncé song “Who Runs the World”. Weird, I know!!

You know what? I felt so powerful while I pushed through the pain, sloshed through a muddy lane-way (took a wrong turn and did some “exploring”) and ran the best I had ever in my life and then this song came on when I was thinking “ok, that’s enough, you did good” and suddenly I made my stride a little longer, lifted my chin a little higher and just went for it!

The version in particular I was listening to was the Glee cast take on it (although, don’t get me started on the irony of girls talking about girl power while dressed in cheerleader uniforms doing sexy dancing in what I see as a “man-pleasing” act). I thought it sounded like a good jogging song when I watched Glee this week, but I had no idea just HOW GOOD a song it really was!

It got me thinking about how much of an ass-kicker I was, that all women were!

So, why is it that an insult for being weak is “You’re such a girl”? That quote, that Betty White said, about who would want to grow balls when a vagina is so much stronger is really quite true!

So, we all know that they have done studies to prove that women have a higher pain tolerance than men (imagine being part pf THAT study!! Click here for interesting experiment where a guy underwent a simulated labour…nutty. Probabely couldn’t really simulate THAT kinda pain). We can all attest to the fact that women mature at a faster rate than men. We all know that when it comes to wildlife world that the female of the species is more deadly than the male (hmmm, someone should write a catchy pop song about that….)

It seems a bit strange to me that women are considered the weaker sex. Sure, I can see that most men are physically larger than women, but I think physical strength and power are two different things. We definitely do have the power- we “bear the children and then get back to business” (Equally, we can make a desicion not to bear children…hard for some men to understand). We have something that almost every man wants, and a lot of men pay a lot of money for. We are just as smart, if not smarter than men. We are brave (I mean, who would sign up for 40 weeks of growing a watermelon in your stomach knowing you would have to get that thing out one way or other?). We are constantly striving for more….to be able to do it all.

I’m not saying that men don’t do a good job. They do. My husband does a great job. I know that there are lots of pressure put on men in society, too. I don’t personally get them, because I’m not a man, so I won’t try and write about them, but I acknowledge their existence.

I recently listened to a Hack report on Triple J about how women are FINALLY going to be eligible to serve on the front line in the Australian Defence Force. Some of you might not have realised that they couldn’t already because in this day and age that is just a CRAZY sexist piece of rubbish. But it was. And some of the debate I heard here about it were amazing. Amazingly shocking that men really think that way. That they really think that getting our periods would be a problem (uhmm boys, did you know that if you don’t take the sugar tablets when on the pill you can skip your period all together?), or that women would be more inclined to lose their shit when seeing a friend get killed.

I thought we had come a long way in the matters of equality, but I guess it is all just a bit of a show, and that deep down a lot of guys think that men are better than women.

Whatever, I know how strong I am. Your own opinion of yourself is what really counts.


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  1. It’s sad that women are still seen as the ‘weaker sex’, but I think women do more to enforce that stereotype than men/society does. I deliberately surround myself with strong women who choose to dedicate themselves to family, career, charities, social life or even comfort, but these awesome people exist in smaller numbers than I care to think about. So many women out there define themselves by who they’re sleeping with and how successful their men are. It’s like our girls hit 13 and are replaced with life sized barbie dolls. This seems to be the incredibly depressing norm and it’s not dependent on social stature or education. I know that in tribal settings, the position of a woman was often dependent on what man she belonged to, but many of us don’t seem to realise we can forge our own way now. What is even more upsetting is how so many women use that power. I’ve seen it time and time again in work place settings: women who manage to get into a position of authority simply so they can abuse the people beneath them. This is why people think women don’t belong in the workplace or on the front lines, or out of the kitchen.

    The genders are definitely different but undoubtedly equal. If women want to be treated as an equally powerful part of the population, maybe more of us should start showing some self respect.

    • Hit the nail on the head, Kel. Having a young girl terrifies me. What if she becomes a little Barbie? WIll she be strong enough to be her own person in a world that tries to drag her into a mould?

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