Flat Tyre – Monday Made


That isn’t a literal one I’m talking about. It was my state of mind on Saturday morning.

Last week’s weigh-in was a huge bummer. No change. I tried to prop myself up with talk of “at least it wasn’t a gain”. But, dammit, I deserved a loss!!!

The first part of this blog is going to be a bit whiney. But don’t worry, I promise a story arc.

Sure, there were a couple of meals eaten out this week, but I was strict. No desserts, no carbs and NO CHEESE!!. One meal out was at a Vietnamese place. I had the vegetable and tofu rice noodle soup. I skipped the rice  noodles and just ate the other parts. Another night was a vegan place, Yong Green Food on Brunswick street in Fitzroy. The food was AMAZING. But again, I was cautious with portion size and stuck to a small amount of protein and mostly vegies.

A far cry from some of the stories I have read on the 12WBT Forums of people sad that they lost only 800g (only? What the hell?). They could see why they had what they felt was a small loss- they ate pizza one night, or pigged out on icecream.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear about people who can just follow the food part of the program, not really exercise and still lose weight. That’s definitely not me. I’ve known it for a long time. I need to exercise to lose weight. I have to work hard for every single gram that comes off.

So, last Saturday I was in the depths of despair. I really thought long and hard about my week and came up with the following contributors to my weight maintain:

  • Not enough water drunk. I retain water like a camel if I don’t drink heaps of water
  • Skipped brekky a few times and had a decaf latte instead. BIG MISTAKE. Metabolism doesn’t go without fuel.
  • Didn’t eat all the food on the plan….eating less than 1200cal a day slows down your metabolism. My body was going into food storage mode.

That last point was probably the crux of it. In the past I have not been a big eater. When I started this program I felt like I was stuffing myself all day. My old habit was to eat stuff-all during the day and then have a big bowl of pasta for dinner. My metabolism was frozen. My poor body storing all the energy it could!

So, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got back to it. We won’t talk about the FOUR glasses of champagne I drank on Sunday. Or the indian food I ate on Sunday night. No use dwelling on stupidity.

Monday is a new day and I’m going to do it right this week!!

Score 1 for me today- getting  through  the entire 45 minute Tracey Anderson Method Mat Workout without stopping. Pffft, some may say. But to them I say HAVE YOU TRIED IT?! Hells bells, it’s tough! But I got through the legs without stopping, and then the arms, and then the stomach! WIN WIN WIN!!

For those who don’t know about Tracey Anderson, she has created a workout style to get a “New York ballet look”. I might not ever look like a ballerina, but I can definitely say that the workout is great!

At first I thought Tracey was a bit of a poser. She looks a bit like Portia Di Rossi. She pouts her way through the workout and “sexes up” a lot of the exercises. I think she must have a mirror in front of her while she is making the DVD… I just sort of felt she was posing when she wiggled her hips around while doing arm exercises, or put her hand on her head while doing leg exercises. UNTIL TODAY. Today I took her advice and got my whole body into it. I wiggled my hips around and moved my arms about. And you know what? It acted as a great distraction to the burning muscles and I managed to not put my arms down during the arm section, and not stop and stretch during the leg section. She wasn’t posing after all!! HA! I should have had more faith!

Go out and give her work-out a try. It’s unique.

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