Painkilling – Monday Made


“Every nerve that can thrill with pleasure, can also agonize with pain.”~Horace Mann (A Few Thoughts for a Young Man)

Week 6 started with a bang- I ran 20 minutes straight last Monday. WOOOOOT!!

And then came Tuesday: Neck pain, neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

Wednesday: Neck pain neck pain, visit the doctor, get some pain killers, pass out on couch, neck pain. No exercise.

Thursday: Neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

You get the picture?

Not a pretty one.

By Thursday night I was a tense ball of angry pain. Angry and tense because, I can admit it, I have become dependant upon exercise. I’m an exercise addict. Without it, I fall to pieces. That is not good.

Friday night, neck feeling a bit better, I went for a run. What a release!! Saturday morning I got up for a run again. I passed a house where a kid was riding his scooter up and down the driveway. He had been there the night before too. He said to me “You’re always running.” I replied “You’re always on that scooter”.

Sunday: Neck pain, neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

I feel flat. I feel tired. I’m snapping at the kids. I need to run. But I also need to admit that covering up pain with painkillers doesn’t actually get me better, it probably just makes it worse. I need to just rest.

But I’m an addict and I’m off to go run on my mum’s treadmill. Surely that is better than running on the road?


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