Helloooo Non-Stretch world!! – Monday Made


“My face to the sky
Dreaming about just how high
I could go and I’ll know
When I finally get there

Taking off my glasses
Sun pokes through my lashes
And somehow I know
There’s a time for every star to shine

Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child” ~Nikki Costa

This week I have really felt like I was kicking some goals. My weight loss last week was not significant, but a welcome surprise as there was a distinct lack of exercise and good eating behaviour. Just goes to show the power of water intake and eating breakfast!! But the real feeling of joy came when on Wednesday I go dressed to go to work and decided to get our some of my old work clothes and give them a shot. SUCCESS!!!

For the last 4 years I have been pretty much only wearing stretch fabric. From about 16 weeks when my belly popped out during my first pregnancy until last week I was a serial stretch wearer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that all of my really funky clothes, and most of my work clothes are non-stretch and have been quietly carrying dust all this time.

I’m so glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t get rid of them. I used to buy really cool clothes from funky stores where there was only 2 or three of the item handmade locally. So, really, I couldn’t throw them out because I wouldn’t be able to replace them in the future anyway. That’s the story I fed my husband every time he suggested I clean out the wardrobe.

I have been loving myself sick in clothes that I bought in Europe while on my Honeymoon. Certainly, they were bought at the end part of the holiday when I had put on a few kg’s from enjoying the local cheese and wine a little too much, but it has been a huge psychological leap for me to see all my hard work paying off. It’s like I’ve gone on a shopping spree.

Another great moment was when I picked up my children from a day with Nannie and Poppie and my dad said to me that my bum looked like it was 3/4 of the size it used to be. And I know he means it. My parents are the first to say when I am getting a bit heavier (god bless their honest souls). I appreciate that about them.

So, going to work, feeling a bit groovy, earning some cash. Life is good.

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