Festive Peril – Monday Made


“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.”  ~Channing Pollock

It’s that time of year. When every weekend and every night gets filled up with Christmas parties. Work, friends, playgroup, family- everyone wants to celebrate in the lead up to Christmas!!!

This makes exercise and eating clean and lean TRICKY. Let’s face it, all the “best” Christmas foods are not clean or lean. Egg-nog, Mulled Wine, Shortbread, Fruit mince pies……..AAARRRGGGHHHHH HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

I love Christmas. I love making all the traditional European foods. I love the smells they make in your home. I love sharing food and wine with friends and Christmas time is all about it!!! So how can I keep on track during this very social time of year?

On the weekend I hosted a Christmas party with some of my favourite peeps and their children. We met almost 4 years ago at birthing classes. The birth of our first children brought us together and the bond has remained strong. All 7 couples love to have long lazy arvos eating home-made food in the backyard while the kids go crazy. So get togethers can be a little indulgent. But I was prepared on the weekend. Here are some of my methods for minimising the “Christmas spread”:

  • If you are bringing food to a party, make sure it is something YOU feel comfortable eating. Like a simple salad (that is not covered in creamy dressings) or a fruit platter for dessert. I know that sounds like common sense, but if you aren’t the one to bring it, you can’t be sure it will be there.
  • Have a glass of wine!! Don’t deny yourself or you will be more likely to lose the plot and eat an enormous bowl of Aunty Meg’s famous trifle!!
  • Play with the kids! Not the whole time, but have a little game of run around. It’s a nice distraction from tables laden with cake and dip. And you might actually get your heart rate up a bit.
  • Drink some water. No, drink a lot of water. Always have a glass on the go, and when it is empty, go refill it!

Back to the weekend just gone, in between savoury and dessert I suggested a walk down to the playground. The walk back involved a large hill (my poor unsuspecting guests!!). I took the opportunity to challenge myself a bit and piggy-backed a toddler up it. I found it surprisingly easy!! When I first moved here I used to struggle up that hill. REALLY STRUGGLE.  I love it when real tangible evidence of progress presents itself like that!

Last week I gained 400grams after the big family weekend away. I put it down to lack of water consumption and the complete absence of exercise!!! HA! I wasn’t disheartened because I could see exactly where I had gone wrong. I’ll try to keep that in mind this week when I attend 3 different christmas parties!

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