Mutton & Lamb – Monday Made


“Among famous traitors of history one might mention the weather.” ~Ilka Chase

This changeable weather is starting to annoy me. I’m all for cool changes, but the level of coolness is getting so extreme up here in the mountains that I have to bust out my winter gear every third day!! Helloooooooo? Summer??

Normally, not such a big deal as I’m not one of those people who store all there winter gear away in vacuum bags to make way for their awesome summer wear collection. I just don’t have that many clothes. BUT, having lost 7 kgs in the last 3 months has left me with a whole heap of clothes that don’t fit!!

In winter 2010, I have just given birth to my second child and was wearing a whole lot of large stretch winter items. Some of which were stretched out of shape during the last coule of weeks of pregnancy due to a cold snap. So, in winter 2011 I was still kind of wearing these clothes because I had it in my mind that I would be a really good girl and drop a couple of hundred kgs in between. But I didn’t and so I didn’t get to buy new winter gear but instead wear stretched out, slightly big post pregnancy rejects.

Now that I have actually started losing some kg’s, my winter wear well and truly does not fit. But I keep having to put some of it on because it’s too cold. Even some clothes I got at the start of spring are oversizd now. I can get a pair of my jeans off without undoing them! YIKES!! Dosen’t sound like a bad thing, right? Have you ever had to constantly wear oversized clothes? They don’t look too good. They don’t feel too good either.

I’m not buying new stuff yet, despite this. I am looking forward to next April, going shopping and getting some nice new SMALL clothing. Hopefully by then I will be another 7kgs down. I’ll be all about the skinny jeans then. WATCHOUT!!

Remind me, people, not to go insane, though. Not to confuse clothes that flatter and slim atheletic build with just Supre trash. Not to accidenly end up looking like MUTTON dressed as LAMB. You know what I mean? I’m looking at you, Samantha from the 2nd Sex and the City film!!!


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