Summer Holiday?


“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”~A.A.Milne

My blog’s kinda been on a holiday. Sort of. I was trying to think this morning why I hadn’t had time to sit at the computer and type for a couple of months now and then it suddenly dawned on me- no more toddler naps.

Oh, the horror. Just before Christmas my little girl stopped napping during the day. But not only that, she started to get super clingy. Every 5 minutes she says “I want mama” and then clings to my leg like a Koala. I know, I should enjoy this while it lasts. There will come a time when my children won’t want to be near me.

Not only has there been some child related distractions, but some crazy spur of the moment decisions being made by Colin and myself. We moved up here after impulsively buying a block of land. The tree-change idea is still going strong, but we decided that we didn’t want to shorten our life-span but inflicting the stress of house building upon ourselves. Besides, I was surfin’ the web one night in bed and saw THE MOST PERFECT HOME. And so it was done. Saw the house the day before Christmas. Signed the papers on New Year’s Eve.

Now that’s what you call getting the most out of a year!!!

Oh, there has been a lot more than that going on in the last two months, but I can blog about that later. This blog post is meant to be more about my blog (it’s like an Escher picture of blog posts, it just goes round and round).

I have been trying to think of a solution to my toddler/computer time problem. As I type, she is trying to climb on me, crying and hitting me because I am not carrying her around to parts of the house she wants to show me. Just typing that makes me feel terrible. I don’t like saying no to her. That could be a problem in the future.

A photographer said to me that’s why photo-blogging is good- not so much sitting at computer typing and concentrating. I don’t think I will become a photo-blogger. I do admit, I am using my Instagram account a bit like a daily photo-blog, but I don’t think you can count the photos off my mobile as proper photography…..can you?

In any case, I have decided to try and make some more organised blog posting habits. On Monday’s I will stick with “Monday Made”. Last year it turned from a mostly cooking thing to a re-make of my body and soul. My body and soul is still a work in progress (as it should be for everyone always) so there will be a mixture of recipes, exercise and crafty stuff on Mondays.

Wednesdays will be (hopefully) random post day. Mostly typing about whatever I’m thinking about lately and I will devote one other day to photo-blogging. I do love to take photos. It might be from my iPhone, or it might be from my DSLR. Depends on how I’m feeling that day.

So, there it is.

Now, I better go because toddler is now having a full blown tantrum on the floor next to me that sounds like it is going to end in scream-induced vomiting (don’t ask).

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  1. Looking forward to reading your refocused blogs. I hear you re the no more sleeps for toddler thing. So difficult to do anything but the daily mundane (washing, preparing food, cleaning the kitchen).

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