Fun with Light & Colour


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ~ Ansel Adam

Ansel Adam is my husband’s favourite photographer. I think he is pretty nifty too. Although I don’t think he was talking about post-production AT ALL in this quote, I’m going to take it completely out of context for the purpose of this blog post!!

I love fiddling around with photo colour curves on my computer. I’m not talking about turning a photo to a standard grayscale by de-saturating the colour and adjusting nothing else (like I feel some print kiosks do….ahem), I mean really messing around and creating some fun effects. You can really change what your photo is all about by messing with the colours and light a little.

A program that I really enjoy for this is Lightroom 2. I like to start with the pre-sets and then tweak from there. A bit of fill light here, adjusting the white balance there, some decreased saturation, a little bit more magenta in the highlights…..

Not sure what I’m talking about?

Here is an example of the same photo given a few different treatments. The treatments I have chosen are all Lightroom 2 pre-sets except for the last one. They are all combinations of increasing the exposure, the contrast, saturation/de-saturation of colour and tinting. The first image is the photo as it was shot. Straight off the camera. Not a particularly amazing photo, but after some tweaking, we have something I might actually print and put on the wall!

I’m far a from a proficient user of photo editing software. I can do basic things. One of my goals for the year is to do some online (or maybe even real life!!) tutorials to learn how to use Adobe products a bit more and create some really stunning images I can print on a large format and hang in my home. Maybe some abstract stuff. Or maybe some regular photos made to look a bit abstract with some creative editing.





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