Japan – before I knew I liked taking photos: Part I


“In Japan they say,
Cherry blossoms mean it’s spring.
But it’s not spring here”~ Shellie (Haiku)

It is certainly not Spring here. I’m a whole hemisphere away, in the opposite season.

I lived in Japan a while. I saw so many amazing things. When I first went to Japan in 2001 I had this Pentax, point and shoot film camera. It did not zoom. It had a flash that would take it’s sweet time charging up. I had no real idea of it’s focal distance. I had no idea what focal distance really meant!!

In the middle of 2002 I got a digital camera. It was a Cannon Powershot A40. I still have this camera. It doesn’t work anymore, but the kids play with it. I took some alright photos with that camera. It was pretty decent. But most of the photos I took in Japan were on that old Pentax film camera. I remember being amazed when I took it to be developed at a). How cheap is was to print photos in Japan and b). How cool it was that you could get the photos on CD for a small extra fee!! Radical!

Here are the first of some of my Japan photos. I didn’t do any editing. They are all as shot on either the Pentax film camera or the amazing 1.9 megapixel technology of my first ever digital camera. Just looking through them brought back so many memories. In the 8 years I have been back in Australia some of the finer details of my time in Japan had escaped me.

Like how the sunset looked out of my bedroom window. Of exactly how Mt Fuji looked from my kitchen sink (partially obscured). How I would ride my bike to the other station in Shizuoka so I could sit and look at Mt Fuji while I waited for my train to work. The guy on the scooter that had a monkey and a dog in the front basket. The old guys that used to play chess (maybe chess…probably not chess) at the bottom of the little mountain near my house. The day I decided to climb that little mountain! The Izakaya we used to always go to. The time I went camping in the mountains and found the AMAZING sunflower fields.

Ahhhh, Japan. These photos are all taken from my time in Shizuoka which is on the coast near the base of Mt Fuji, south of Tokyo. I lived there the longest. I also lived in Osaka before this, but I’ll save those pictures for another day. They are truly funny.





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