52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 1


Spring 2012

I had this idea the other night as a way to keep me motivated and on track with my veggie patch: I’m going to post a pic and maybe a few words about it  each week. The hilarious (groan) title just popped into my head. Damn you 50 Shades, every time I hear “fifty” anything I instantly think of that rubbish book (yes,yes, I read it).

This is my first spring in this house. The veggie patch is hidden away from view behind the shed. If you have seen the rest of my garden in it’s fairly pristine state of constant awesome (note: I did not design, plant or tend this garden for the first 4 years of it’s life. I merely inherited it 8 months ago and have been nervously Googling all the plant names and care instructions in the meantime), images of my veggie patch and it’s raggedy nature might surprise you!

I have pretty well ignored it for the last 5 months but the time has come to plant and plan and try to grow some vegetables and berries.

What’s in there at the moment?

Well, up the back left is a variety of berry trees (goosberries, red currents and black currents, cherries) which are planted disturbingly close together. No matter, I assume from the looks of the rest of my garden that the previous owner knew what she was doing. In that same bed there is a very healthy rosemary bush, a timid thyme plant and some overzealous rocket that has started to go to seed (I planted it in Autumn and then proceeded to forget about it).

In the middle bed on the left is cauliflower, strawberries, a wild mass of lemon thyme (ahem…useless), oregano that has just been halved brutally with a shovel, flat leaf parsley and loads of leeks that are spontaneously growing. I did not plant them but I am certainly not complaining.

The front left box has newly planted seedlings of bok choy and rainbow chard (silverbeet). Slightly more mature are the broccoli and black kale. I had stupidly planted zucchini seedlings last week and they were instantly struck down by frost. Ho-hum. Lesson learnt.

Over to the right, amongst the dry stacked bricks forming garden beds and general enclosures are recently (late) hacked back raspberries, a compost heap, a pile of tiny white rocks and a newly constructed (empty) garden bed waiting for soil.

I’m just bumbling along. Asking my mum and friends for pointers. Killing a lot of stuff.

Hope you enjoy this weekly rundown on my success and failures as a first time culinary gardener. Look out for the tag #YoungYeungOrganics on Instagram and twitter…..

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    • I did read all three. I started to skip all of the sex scenes for the storyline in between. I found it a bit too repetitive. Entertaining, yes, but the main female character made me angry most of the time.

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