Finally, it is Spring


“Worry is a misuse of imagination. “~Dan Zadra

It’s the second week of spring and I can pretty much (finally) relax about the garden.

Yes, I have probably been a bit slow on the pruning, but at last I can see that I haven’t killed some of my favourite elements over the winter.

When I moved into the house it was summer and the garden was in full-glory. I had a list of all the plants that I nervously Googled to find out how to care for them. I watched a YouTube video about cutting back Japanese Blood Grass to clarify how much and at what time I should do this. The literature says the end of summer, but garden folk say when it turns completely brown. This did not happen until almost the end of autumn here. Since then, my patch has been a straw like 3-inch high eye-sore and a constant source of anxiety. How could it possibly become 18-inch high lush red and green grass by the start of summer?!

And then, while I was out cutting back the feather reeds last weekend (a most arduous task, that resulted in mountains of reeds to dispose of) I noticed, finally, signs of them growing back. Little 2 inch sprouts of green and red rising above the carnage of my autumn slashing. PHEW!!

A time of firsts, seeing this garden come back to life after a long frosty winter. My first ever tulip is in bloom right now. It is little, a wee bit raggedy, but a proud tiny beacon of spring hope in my front yard.





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  1. ahhh, Katie, I’m so jelous that you have time and space to not only garden, but to take beautiful photos AND to write about it……… AND you have such a beautiful garden to enjoy. Lap it up for both of us, please! 🙂

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