Tea, Cake & Endless Possibilites


“The possible’s slow fuse is lit by the Imagination.”~Emily DIckinson

Every Wednesday my children happily spend the day at childcare.

I happily spend the day alone. Sometimes with friends, but usually alone. That’s what I like on a Wednesday.

I like to go for a jog and listen to music. I like to wander around the house with my water bottle afterwards doing stretches and just generally taking stock of the situation.

I like to have my shower and then spend a long time in my dressing gown putting on moisturizer and filing my nails.

I like to watch TV shows that I have taped that are completely not ok for children to watch (like Dexter or Deadwood).

I like to take photos. I like to spend uninterrupted time editing photos on my computer. Sometimes I do that while at my favourite cafe drinking coffee and eating eggs.

I like to get a lot done. I like to not get much done.

Basically, I like just doing whatever I feel like at the time.

Today I took some photos of a friend’s baby boy. I edited them and dropped off a disc of the images to their home.

I had lunch at a cafe, went to the butchers then went to the cake shop to get a cupcake to take home and savour while I watched the series final of Gilmore Girls and drink a pot of Strawberry Green Chai Tea.

Perfect. And there is still more day to go.

My Wednesdays are always full of endless possibilities.

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