52 Shades of my Veggie Patch: Week 4


Spring 2012

I have done nothing in my veggie garden. No weeding, no watering (thank you, rain) and also (sadly) no harvesting. NOTHING.

I have done a small amount of planning. I do love to organise.

I took stock of what was in my garden and did a quick bit of research about things I would like to put in my garden in the future:

In the garden now:

Plants waiting to go in after the frost season has past:

Wanting to buy (maybe in seed, but probably as a seedling):

I’m not sure I actually have enough garden bed for all these big ideas (or enough family to eat them…good for my friends and neighbours), but I really want to have a go at lots of different varieties!

What really set me off in the first place on this mad drive for different veggies was a gift from my aunt- some heirloom tomato seeds. The packet just had this great look about it with an illustration of the tomato. It sort of hadn’t occurred to me to grow not just your average tomato. My garden habits come from my mother who, when I was a child, seemed to plant the same common veggie varieties every year.

Not me, I’m going to grow a Noah’s Ark of vegetables……. 😉


Basement Jaxx featuring Yoko Ono…..weird. Relevance? Well, it popped up on my Soundcloud feed the same day as I bought Sunflower seeds for my kids to grow and plant around the veggie patch!

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