52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 5


Spring 2012

Last week I did nothing in my garden, this week I did A LOT.

Starting with finally getting more poor, stunted citrus plants into the actual ground so that they might grow! They aren’t actually in the vegetable patch because the gardener advised me that it was not a good place for them. THey are culinary, so I feel like I can talk about them despite being situated in the ornamental garden. I planted mint at the foot of both the lemon tree and the orange/lime splitzer. I call them my cocktail gardens!

In the veggie patch I have planted Golden Nugget pumpkins in the front right bed, just behind them is a row of Red Bulb radish. In the bed at the front left there are some carrots now that are about 5cm high.

Before winter the kids had planted some random seeds in little pots next to the tap (so they could be incidentally watered) and we had forgotten all about them until I started to clean up all the random pots around the place. They had a rough start, but I thought I would give them a shot in the garden bed. They seem to be rainbow carrots, which I vaguely remember buying the seeds for but I really cannot find the actual packet now………

I decided to sow some purple carrots next to them to stagger my crops.

In the little seed raising box I planted about 16 rainbow capsicum seeds (I love the rainbow stuff, can you tell??) and 4 Blackjack zucchini seeds.

I also harvested some broccoli which tasted so darn good.

Wow! I feel industrious!


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