Top 5 Craft Hit List – Monday Made


“I am doomed to an eternity of compulsive work. No set goal achieved satisfies. Success only breeds a new goal. The golden apple devoured has seeds. It is endless.”~Bette Davis

Oh how I do love Pinterest!

I keep finding all these really fun crafty things to do on there and adding them to an ever growing list of “one day”.  I think I might have too many on there so I decided I might just try make a top 5 to get through in the next month or so.


#5 Vegetable Stamps

Looks really easy and I think if I got a few different colour ink pads (or make some with dish sponges and watered down paint) my kids could go crazy for this. I do imagine making some ultra classy stationery to use at Christmas and what not….


#4  Lego Head Jars

My son is truly nuts for lego, so having a whole heap of Lego man heads would really appeal to him. These are made out of baby food jars……here in lies the problem. We don’t buy baby food. I need to find a family who does……



#3 Paper Bird Ornaments

PUT A BIRD ON IT!!! Ha! I would actually like to make some of these ornaments to use a gift tags this Christmas…of yes, I am already thinking about Christmas.



#2 Paper Lamp Shade

I have this plan to turn a friend’s old shed into a studio for her and I to retreat to on kids free days, drink tea and be ultra creative. Oh, yeah, and if we could make some money on the side somehow selling our wares, that would be awesome too. This space is going to be epic….and I think it will need a corner with one of these light shades and a nice comfy chair or two…..


#1 Jet Pack

OHMYGOODNESS!!! This is going to be a great dress up for Halloween. I just need to pop down the shops and buy some soda water or something…..



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