52 Shades of my Veggie Patch: Week 7


Spring 2012

Another wet/sunny/frozen week. 

I have my tomatoes in pots in the garage so they don’t get killed by the frost, but I am DYING to get them into the ground. Plants in pots really frighten me. I do not a have a good track record with them at all.

The radish I planted is coming up. I think. Or weeds. I’m never really sure. I guess I’ll just have to leave it go until I really know for sure. ONE of the blackjack zucchini plants has come up in my mini hothouse. What about the other 7? How long do pumpkins take to come up?

Planting seeds is very thrifty, and you get the opportunity to plant lots of interesting varieties but waiting (hoping) for them to break through the surface has me on edge!

My kids did all the harvesting this week. My daughter thinks broccoli is a flower. Maybe that’s why she eats it?

Rocket and parsley went into a potato salad with Dijon, grated carrot and beetroot. Delicious!



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