52 Shades of my Veggie Patch: Week 10


Spring 2012

I have finally admitted defeat with the seeds. That one little plant poking up is a capsicum. There is a picture on the seed packet of what theylook like (handy). I kept that one in the tray but refilled the rest with capsicum, basil and sunflower seeds. I used actual seed raising mix this time.

I have planted the only two successes from the seed tray into the main garden- Blackjack zucchini. I hope they make it through the weekend.

I finally went through all the beds and trimmed back things going to seed or pulled them out all together. It’s looking much neater out there.

Some definite progress with the radish seeds, pumpkin and carrots. My black kale is getting rather large but I’m not really sure when or how I harvest it. The lemon thyme and oregano are going berserk!

Pesky raspberries are popping up everywhere. EVERYWHERE. They aren’t hard to pull out, but I wish they would just stick to their own bed!

Lastly, I can see a few strawberries getting red. I can’t wait. I hope the creepy crawlies don’t eat them before I do.




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