52 Shades of my Veggie Patch: Week 11


Spring 2012

Well, I have finally come to the end of Leek. I just pulled the last few, runty leeks out from amongst the now fruiting strawberries.

I have decided that I do not keep my vegetable garden very well watered and as a result my garden is not growing very well. In my defence, whilst the position of the veggie patch is great for sun and is hidden behind a shed and out of sight, there is no hose anywhere near it. In fact it is on the exact opposite end of our block to any water outlets. I have to connect TWO hoses together to get enough length to reach the darn thing! I’m not one for leaving hoses out on the lawn, so going to the trouble of getting the hoses sorted out every other day does not happen.

Instead I lug two watering cans back and forth across my block spilling water everywhere. And I do this ever few days but, because I have not yet covered the beds with pea straw, they are drying out and plants are not growing very well or dying. I really need to rectify that soon. And bother with the hoses every now and then to give it a good soak.

I also really need to get onto netting pretty much the entire garden. I can see that some birds have already tried to eat the strawberries that are fruiting (in a very sad, malnourished, underwatered kind of way).

I really, really need to do those things or else my who vegetable garden will go to waste.

Great cover of a Bjork song:



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