Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence


“Kokoromi ni, kimi no miuta o, ginzureba, taezu ya oni no, naku koe kikoyu”~Shiki Masaoki (Sick in Bed Ten Years)

I’m going to share some more of my music with you. I really should be more open and sharing with my musical endeavors. A lot of them never see the outside of my workroom, and that’s a bit sad. I always encourage my students to not be afraid to share what they are doing and not be concerned with if it doesn’t sound perfect or how many rough notes there are. I shouldn’t be a hypocrite, hey?

I really enjoy arranging music, the easy part is what you are about to hear, – me layering my voice in a VERY simple music making program to get the harmonies I want, albeit not complete, there is still a section to be done and more Haiku to be found to turn into lyrics.

The singing isn’t always great and there are always things to deal with and let your “inner ear” imagine like time changes (in this one, it changes from 3/4 to 4/4 but my program won’t let me do that so there is a really wonky disjointed sounding bit the after the intro) or me imitating a low, man voice rather miserably! Basically put, it’s very unpolished. You can hear the clicks from all the different layers I recorded when I hit the “stop” button.

The hard part is what I need to do next (or more accurately, putting off doing): transcribing each part onto paper. Urrgghhhh.

Will this arrangement of the beautiful song by Ryuichi Sakamoto from the movie of the same name (starring David Bowie, phoarrrrrrr!) ever see the performance stage?

Who knows.

Enjoy my warbling.

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