52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 12


Spring 2012

It’s been warm this week. There have been a few days that it looked like we might get rain, but it never quite came through. Sadly. Maybe this prediction of a long, hot, dry summer is true. NOOOOOOOO! My lawn is already looking a bit patchy.

In the veggie patch I have been piling on sugar cane mulch (a recommendation from my mum who says it is much better than pea straw). I have also made an effort to water more regularly. I have watered with buckets and watering cans every few days and the earth still feels kind of dry. I think we need a good soaking.

My strawberries are ready, however they are tiny. Some are the size of peas! Could this be repercussions of my previous water neglect? I will pick them tomorrow and hopefully the next crop will be larger.

Finally, I have started putting the netting up. I think I need to get some plastic pipe to form little arches over my garden beds to support the netting. That is a project for next week.

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