52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 13


Spring 2012

photo-18That’s the last time I get to write “spring”. Tomorrow is the first day of summer and this week we have had an unpleasant taste ofwhat’s to come. Wednesday was a scorching 34 degreesC here. Some kind of record temp for November. It was yuck. All my garden went sad and floppy. Thank goodness for weather forecasting, though. I knew it was coming so I watered a lot the night before and did not plant my new seedlings. The garden survived.

Pulled up my radish. I planted quotes a few, but only three came up. I blame my infrequent watering for that. I also blame my watering for the munted radish that grew. To learn how to garden. My tiny strawberries were also a testament to this. I guess that is the point of this whole 52 weeks.

Lesson learnt: veggies need regular watering.

Gave my raspberry shoots away to a family that has a lovely little urban garden. Hopefully they don’t take over!

Decided to pick some of my kale. I had kind of forgotten about it. Not so much forgotten about the actual plant so much as forgotten about looking up when it is ready to harvest.

I planted some capsicum seedlings. Yes. I have finally given up on growing them from seed. Was it a bad bunch of seeds or just a bad gardener? I think the latter as I haven’t exactly had good results with any of my seeds. Gardening is much harder than I thought. Or maybe I am just too distracted by all my other stuff.

I also got peas, eggplants and red onion. I am not really convinced I have enough room in the garden for all of these plants, but I am going to try squeeze them in.


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