52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 14


Summer 2012

First week of summer! To celebrate this, my garden has decided to cooperate. There are some raspberries ready to pick, the strawberries are starting to grow to a more acceptable size, I can see a few small tomatoes on one of the plants and my capsicum seedlings aren’t dead yet!

Ok, that last one shouldn’t really be on the list. But I’m just so excited by the idea of capsicum growing in my garden after a series of failures with capsicum seed.

I have been watering lots. Just with my bucket, still, but every second day I go give them a little bit of water.

I’ve added some red onions and Melbourne Market Dwarf Peas (whatever that means!!) I have some Lebanese Eggplants that I want to squeeze in. I see that my rocket has well and truly gone to seed so I might pull that out. Not really a good space for much, though.

I have also put nets over my fruit trees. The red and black currents were starting to fruit and I feared the birds would get at them. I should do the same to the raspberries this week.


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