52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 20


Summer 2013


Bit of garden renovation going on this week. I pulled out the kale and rainbow chard. Also got rid of the dead peas .

I moved the netting off the strawberries and on to the tomatoes as I caught a bird trying to eat my lovely fruit!

I managed to pick a few baby roma’s before the birds got into them. They taste so good. I cannot believe the difference between the ones I got at the shop last week! Actually, I can. Things do tend to taste much better when you sweat over them for months ;-P

Planted a few seeds. Not normally things I would have thought to plant myself, but I got some seeds as a gift so I thought I would have a go at direct planting. Not to be confused with my seedling tray planting. That was a whole other debacle. No, this time I am going straight into the garden beds and watering each day. I have linked up numerous hoses to make the great distance from tap to my veggie patch. I don’t care how ugly my hose looks trailing across my arid yard. I am going to grow some darn veggies DARN IT!!!!


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