52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 22


Summer 2013

Summer is a very loose term around here over the last few days. We’ve all got our winter wear on and using electric blankets at night!

But with this cool change, comes a little bit of rain. Not a lot, just enough to make the dandelions grown in my lawn. Not enough to actually turn my lawn from yellow straw to grass though. It won’t last, next week is going to be back up in the mid thirties.

Over the long weekend we enjoyed tasting and rating all our tomatoes. The mini roma are delightful, the green zebras rather yummy, but best of all were the mini yellow pear shaped ones. They are amazing! My regular size tomatoes are good too. I think mini tomatoes are the winners this season.

   nugget   rocket sprout   tomatoes

My poor plants are drooping all over the place heavy with fruit. Next year I need to set up a better staking system.

The rocket is coming along nicely and I thought I could see a couple of other little seeds sprouting up, but I won’t be counting those chickens just yet.

My little pumpkins are adorable. I am not sure when I should pick them. I am definitely planting more of those next year!!


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