52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 24


More tomatoes!!


Gosh, I’m starting to put lovely little tomatoes in everything lately. Every day I go out and pick some. The mini yellow pear are by far the largest producers. I   think the mini romas are coming to an end and FINALLY, my two potted tomatoes are producing.

I have heard from a lot of people in the area that they have not had much fruit on their tomato plants this season. My mum’s had a few green ones last week. Last year there were much more and ripening much earlier. My ones are going very well which brings me to the question: WHY?

As you can tell from my progress on here, I am no amazing gardener. In fact, from my record, I am a pretty lousy one (what I lack with skill, I do make up for with enthusiasm). Except for tomatoes. I put it down to the location of my veggie patch. It is extremely sheltered. It is surrounded by one meter high hedges all the way around. One side also has a section of my garden shed. I think this keeps the wind out and maybe creates a warm spot in my garden. The veggie patch, despite having the hedges all the way around it’s general area, still gets full sun.

I also picked my two little pumpkins. I saw a third one developing, but I got the impression from the plant that perhaps it was going to die off soon which doesn’t bode well for it’s productivity. Three pumpkin bushes and three pumpkins? I’m going to cook one tonight to see how good they taste.

A couple of little plants have popped up where I planted my seeds. No basil. I read somewhere one upon a time that basil was the easiest thing to grow from seed. What does that say about my skills? At least all the rocket seems to have popped up. I need to thin it out.


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  1. Enjoyable reading as always! Glad to hear your tomatoes are coming on – my tomatoes have had a tough time as well. The yellow pear are only now starting to fruit – i put it down to not enough watering, not enough care when replanting from pot to soil and hungry possums. I was going to blame the weather also – some scorching days followed immediately by cooler days, but thats possibly related to my not so rigourous watering regime. Keep up the good work!

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