52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 25


I won’t brag too much about my tomtoes…..let’s just say I am at the point where i need to start giving them away or bottling them.

This week’s haul also included some extremely runty strawberries (inhaled by the children 4 minutes after I got photographic evidence of their existence) and another zucchini. For those of you playing at home, that is three. Yes, THREE. Total. Sigh.

I need to check when I can cut back the raspberries. They are looking ratty and have stopped producing fruit. I hope this year that all the cutting back in my garden can be down at different times so I don’t get stuck with a mountain of garden waste to slowly get rid of over the next two months in my garden bag and green waste bin. The veggie garden doesn’t have many things, but my ornamental garden is full of stuff that gets cut back at the end of summer and other stuff at the end of winter.

Here is an uplifting picture of the pizza I just made using the some of my tomatoes and zucchini (also with ricotta and BBQ sauce).

tomato25    pizza25


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