52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 27


Autumn 2013

Let’s just ignore the fact the my previous post says week 25….


Summer seems to have got a second wind in the first week of Autumn. I have more strawberries, more zucchini and a couple of new flowers on my pumpkins. Crazy.

There was deluge of rain in the last week of February and then this week has been hot. Ideal growing conditions really.

Kilos and kilos of tomatoes are coming off my plants. I feel like they will never stop! This weekend I am going to try to make yellow tomato soup from the mini pear tomatoes.

There is an actual capsicum growing on my capsicum plant!!

There is a really sweet little sunflower wedged in between my parsley and dwarf purple beans. The funny thing is I thought I bought regular size sunflower seeds. Everything seems to grow mini in my garden….

One thing that isn’t mini is a sneaky monster zucchini that I found this morning. Yesterday is was tiny and I thought it had another couple of days to go before I would pick it to use in my veggie twister, but now it’s far too big! Stuffed zucchini for dinner it is, then.

Still no basil popping up. I guess I should now give up on that. There is a little corriander plant and maybe a celery. The rocket is going nicely. It isn’t wild rocket, though, which is my favourite. This seems to be some other kind that doesn’t have this spindly leaves that my other plants had. This looks a little bit more like butter lettuce.  Whatever, it’s growing, right?!

capsicum week27  sunflower  zucchiniweek27


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