52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 32


Autumn 2013

ImageAutumn is really starting to happen here (finally), which means I really need to get those 150 daffodil bulbs into the ground this weekend in between a curriculum planning meeting, a gig in the big smoke and a sleep-over at the in-laws.

Night gardening perhaps?

Pumpkins are done for, the plant has completely died off so I picked my last couple of runty little golden nuggets.

Those suspiciously chilli looking capsicums might still actually be capsicums, according to a friend. That’s good news. Otherwise out of my epic capsicum trials I would have gotten 2 capsicum. I am completely counting my chickens before they are hatched with that one. There are 2 on the plants. If that will turn red or get any bigger is a completely different thing.

I got my free autumn seeds from Digger’s about a month ago and they are yet to go in the ground. I should get on to that. I’m just not excited by the idea of savoy cabbage, more parsley, raab broccoli and bloomsdale spinach. That’s unfair of me. Come the middle of winter I am sure I will be so excited about all that green stuff. Right now I am mourning the end of my amazing tomato season.


This song has such great lyrics and here is has some really fantastic instrumental stuff going on. Herbie Hancock is a legendary pianist. I much prefer Kate Bush to Pink for the female voice, but you can’t have everything. Peter Gabriel and John Legend have somewhat similar voices (oooh, blasphemy I hear some of you say). I guess, in my allstar version it would pretty much be the Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush version with Herbie Hancock on piano.

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