52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 34


Autumn 2013

Now is the winter of my discontent?

It’s not even winter yet and I feel a little bit forlorn in my garden. The tomatoes, by far the most successful thing ever in my garden, are ended. They are withering with green tomatoes clinging on for dear life. I hope to pick them this week and make some green tomato chutney.  I have been warned if they are too small and hard then the chutney will be a bit yuck.

That one awesome little eggplant is officially stunted. it, and the capsicum plants, have given up for the season and are dying off. I was so excited by the possibility of capsicum! The zucchini and pumpkin plants are sad, twisted brown heaps now.

There are big plans this coming winter. MisterInMotion has agreed to rebuild the planter boxes in a more space efficient and (hopefully) more plant-friendly growing design. Higher garden beds and bigger.

We are all busy at home, so I am certainly NOT pulling apart my garden until a weekend is carved in stone for this to happen.


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