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52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 31



Autumn 2013

This is actually my 150th post and I have been procrastinating about what my 150th post should be, which is why I missed last week’s garden update. I really wanted to sit down and tell you a magical (true) story of love (the story of my grandparents meeting, engagement and marriage), but I just haven’t sat down to write it yet (it is quite an exciting tale filled with trains, handcuffs, law breaking and war).

Instead I am writing about my garden.

Unfortunately there is not much going in the old garden. Just when I was about to pull out the zucchini I see that there is another flower on it which means I might get one more zucchini.

Tomatoes are still going, although the milder weather has definitely slowed them down a tad.

I do have a teeny tiny little eggplant growing on one very pitiful looking plant.

There are a lot of little capsicums budding away, but I am not convinced it will get warm enough for them to turn red (if that is indeed the colour they are supposed to go).


Here is some beautiful  a capella.

52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 29


Autumn 2013

I’m trying to get on top of my pruning early this year. Last year I left it late. Really late. I think some of the issues in my ornamental garden might be explained by late pruning (ahem, Bloodgrass).

So the raspberries have been chopped and I took the netting of my tomatoes so they could catch the last of the sun before we descend into pure winter gloom. There are still heaps of tomatoes on there, though.

My little capsicums are coming along although a lot of them are chilli shaped. Must be the variety I bought. I can’t remember really. I think one of the plants is from seed, hopefully it is a chocolate capsicum, there are a heap that I bought as seedlings after the failure of all my seed growing efforts, and then one plant (the one that has a normal looking capsicum on it) was a more advanced plant I got a few weeks ago when I thought my other plants weren’t ever going to increase in size or produce fruit.

My strawberries are fruiting again! How bizarre. This time the strawbs are marginally bigger. My children are still picking them and eating them in one swift motion.

I guess you could say all is good in the patch 🙂


52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 21


Summer 2013

tom-zucchtomsI have resorted to writing this blog post on my mobile as my Internet connection is so slow that the WordPress site won’t load on  .
I’ll keep it brief.
I’ve picked more tomatoes and a zucchini. They taste like success.
My “hard love” seeds have been watered daily and what do you know? The rocket has already sprouted up!
That’s something to think about for next time.
This week I’ll be giving my capsicums and eggplants some plant food. This might be the missing key to their growth. My mum said they need a lot of feeding. Why didn’t they write THAT on the punnet?!