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The New Me – Monday Made


“I believe life is to be lived, not worked, enjoyed, not agonized, loved, not hated.”~ Leland Bartlett

No big video extravaganza today to mark the finish line.
I did it. I finished the official 12 Week Body Transformation. I cooked and exercised my little heart out for 12 weeks. I said no to offers of cake. I said yes to watching more closely what I put in my mouth.
Actually, today. Not so much. I have a bad food hangover!! I had a Christmas lunch yesterday. I ate salted pork with some turkey and veggies. I had a few glasses of wine. I had a small piece of fudge. Doesn’t sound like much, the calorific content was probably about right for a treat meal. But it wasn’t very lean and it really wasn’t so clean. By 6 o’clock that night I felt ill. My body isn’t used to this kind of food anymore!! Arrgghhhhh.

Back to the celebrating me.

I got a lot out of this program. I lost weight (8.5kg), I lost centimetres (48!!!) & I lost my belly. I gained the ability to run for twenty minutes at a time (if the weather isn’t too warm). I can run longer than that on a treadmill. I gained a hunger for regular exercise. I gained a habit of drinking water. But most importantly are the last two things:
I got my groove back. I smashed my goal of going from frumpy to funky. I have a spring in my step and a fire in my eyes!
I have confidence in my ability to lose weight without losing my life.
That last one is going to keep my spirits up for the rest of my life. If I gain weight for whatever reason (and it happens, just last night I spoke with a friend who broke her toe and couldn’t do much of anything for 3 months while it healed, 10kgs gained later she feels rubbish!) I have the tools to get it off again.

Other things I learnt (the hard way….the only way) that I can whole heartedly pass on as “good advice”:

  • Always eat brekky. It is the most important meal. People don’t just say that for fun.
  • Drink water. Drinking water helps you keep fluid off your body. It also makes you feel good. I can see now the reason I always had a dull headache and felt lethargic was due to dehydration, not lack of sleep as I previously thought.
  • Get regular sleep at regular times. Tall order for parents sometimes, I know. But getting 8 hours a night makes all the difference (10 hours would be even better).
  • Snack. In between brekky and lunch, then lunch and dinner have a good snack that is about 150cal to keep your body going. My favourite is a latte and some crackers and cheese.
  • Have a treat meal once a week. I’m not saying go to KFC and order a family pack for yourself. I mean skip the snacks for a day and use those extra calories in a meal to have something a bit special.
  • Go check out Calorie King Australia. You can look up supermarket food and even popular eating out venues! I use this site to “build” recipes. I am becoming familiar with what foods are good and what are not!!
  • You don’t need to spend lots of money of gym equipment or memberships to exercise. Borrow exercise DVDs from your friends or the library. Do some simple toning exercises that need no equipment like squats, push-ups, braces, sit-up and lunges!!
  • Try to learn to run. It’s not as hard as you think! I used to be a real “I can’t run” preacher. But now I love it. Try a learn to jog program like C25K. They have apps for your mobile phone even…..
  • Love yourself. Look for the parts of your body you like and look less at the bits you don’t like. The glass is half-full, not half-empty, people!

Yeah, I’m a total convert. I’ve loved this program to bits. I highly recommend it. HIGHLY. I hear that sign up for Round 1 2012 has opened up……what are you waiting for?

Festive Peril – Monday Made


“No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.”  ~Channing Pollock

It’s that time of year. When every weekend and every night gets filled up with Christmas parties. Work, friends, playgroup, family- everyone wants to celebrate in the lead up to Christmas!!!

This makes exercise and eating clean and lean TRICKY. Let’s face it, all the “best” Christmas foods are not clean or lean. Egg-nog, Mulled Wine, Shortbread, Fruit mince pies……..AAARRRGGGHHHHH HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

I love Christmas. I love making all the traditional European foods. I love the smells they make in your home. I love sharing food and wine with friends and Christmas time is all about it!!! So how can I keep on track during this very social time of year?

On the weekend I hosted a Christmas party with some of my favourite peeps and their children. We met almost 4 years ago at birthing classes. The birth of our first children brought us together and the bond has remained strong. All 7 couples love to have long lazy arvos eating home-made food in the backyard while the kids go crazy. So get togethers can be a little indulgent. But I was prepared on the weekend. Here are some of my methods for minimising the “Christmas spread”:

  • If you are bringing food to a party, make sure it is something YOU feel comfortable eating. Like a simple salad (that is not covered in creamy dressings) or a fruit platter for dessert. I know that sounds like common sense, but if you aren’t the one to bring it, you can’t be sure it will be there.
  • Have a glass of wine!! Don’t deny yourself or you will be more likely to lose the plot and eat an enormous bowl of Aunty Meg’s famous trifle!!
  • Play with the kids! Not the whole time, but have a little game of run around. It’s a nice distraction from tables laden with cake and dip. And you might actually get your heart rate up a bit.
  • Drink some water. No, drink a lot of water. Always have a glass on the go, and when it is empty, go refill it!

Back to the weekend just gone, in between savoury and dessert I suggested a walk down to the playground. The walk back involved a large hill (my poor unsuspecting guests!!). I took the opportunity to challenge myself a bit and piggy-backed a toddler up it. I found it surprisingly easy!! When I first moved here I used to struggle up that hill. REALLY STRUGGLE.  I love it when real tangible evidence of progress presents itself like that!

Last week I gained 400grams after the big family weekend away. I put it down to lack of water consumption and the complete absence of exercise!!! HA! I wasn’t disheartened because I could see exactly where I had gone wrong. I’ll try to keep that in mind this week when I attend 3 different christmas parties!

Run, Katie, Ruuun! – Monday Made


“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.”~Friedrish Nietzsche

Well, It’s day one of week two for my 12WBT. And I’m still totally pumped!!

My experiences so far have been very encouraging.

Weigh-in day is on a Wednesday, so last week I had only been on the program for 2 days before the first weigh-in. I had bucket loads of self doubt when I got up on Wednesday morning. I wanted this to work so bad, but I had been feeling full of yummy food for the last two days and my previous experience with diets suggested I needed to be miserable and starving for any weight loss to occur.

I literally yelped with glee when I saw I had lost 1.9kg! I’m the first to admit that it was probably due to fluid retention. I do not have a good track record for water consumption. That is changed now. I no longer reach for a cup of tea but a glass of water. WIN!!!!

Exercise wise I have been hard at it. I get up early in the morning and do a bit of X-Box Your Shape-ing and some toning exercises for about 30min. Later in the day I try to walk with the kids down to the park (about 15 minutes either way).

The best days are the ones when I can go for a jog. Or jog/walk as it is in my case. I’m re-learning how to run! It is great and not as hard as I thought it would be. I bought this great iPhone/iPod Touch app called C25K (Couch to 5km). It is awesome. The first week was intervals of 1 min jogging, 1min30sec walking. A little ding and voice tells you if you should be walking or running and it just has your music in the background. I did it three times (as suggested) on the week 1 setting and then yesterday I did a week 2 setting which is 1min30sec running and then 1min30sec walking. I was so impressed at the improvement over only 4 sessions!! The most unbelievable part is that I even went for a jog in the freezing cold rain…… something in me has awoken and I like it.

I’m already thinking that I might do a Start to Finish Event this November in Melbourne……..(look at me getting all inspired and stuff! WOOT!)

Verdict so far? ROCK ON, 12 Week Body Transformation!!