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Nearly there.


“A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman, Are the handsomest two things that can be seen common.”~Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been practicing practicing practicing. I want to work on my weaknesses. I want to learn confidently pose people, I want to streamline photoshoots (I think I nailed it on this particular day). But that is why I did “reccy” shoots leading up to it. I picked out my locations and saved them in my Sat-Nav (random winding tracks through the woods can look very similar!!). I thought about what kind of shots I would like in each location. I ranked my locations of “must go to” to “if we have time”.  I really considered who was going to be there when I picked locations- very very pregnant woman with 2yo meant not going too far into the woods or spending too much time in one location. All the planning worked a treat.

And the results? These pictures are far from perfect. I’m sure professionals would have loads to say about my composition or my post-production choices (actually, I don’t care what they have to say about that last part….each to their own in that regard). I do need to master the art of wearing my spectacles and taking photos so all my photos are in fact focussed!

But actually, in other ways, these pictures are perfect. My model here is only 4 days away from her due date. In the week leading up to these photos she was nervous about having her photo taken. She was not feeling great about her body. She was tired and ready to give birth. But still, she put aside her fear and trusted me with her vulnerability. Upon seeing the pictures she remembered that her body is doing amazing things. It’s growing and stretching in all the ways it should and it is beautiful and should be respected.

Be kind to yourself.


17 weeks


So, 17 weeks. Not even half way!
I read in a book today that baby is peeing in the amniotic fluid up to 15 times a day. I also read somewhere else that baby drinks the amniotic fluid. DRINKING PEE!!!!
No wonder they come out crying!