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Beyond Snapshots


“Be inspired to see the beauty around you, everyday.”~Beyond Snapshots

For my 30th birthday I got the amazing gift of a DSLR camera. Certainly, this thoughtful gift from my husband was also a gift for himself, but I don’t care. It has turned out to be SO AMAZINGLY FUN. I would never have gotten up the courage to go out and buy one of those things because I didn’t really have a clue how to use them…..until now.

In my previous post about moving to Japan , I talked about my first couple of  point and shoot cameras. I did love them. And after a while I could get some pretty nifty pics out of them. But there is a limit to what you can do when your camera is set to Auto.

Have you ever looked on Facebook and thought “wow, they take such awesome photos….they must have a shit-hot camera”? They probably don’t, they probably just know how to use the camera they have.

I tried reading online forums about how to use my Nikon better. But they were boring. And confusing. And often didn’t have pretty pictures clearly illustrating the points trying to be made. They often used words that went right over my head.

Enter: Beyond Snapshots, a photography book written by Rachel Devine and Peta Mazey. This book is aimed at helping people like me who have a camera that you can adjust the settings on but aren’t really confident in the how.

This books covers all aspects of trying to get excellent images to look a little bit special. And after reading it, I can also say that even if you don’t have a DSLR, even if you are just taking photos on your mobile phone, this book is still awesome!

Some things covered:

  • The technical settings on your camera, how to best adjust them and why you would adjust them (I never really understood the point of ISO until now!!)
  • Getting inspired, how to compose a nice shot and setting up a home studio.
  • Talking about the Pros & Cons of different photo editing software, some easy ways to use them to make you photos a little bit WOW (you CAN make a good shot an AMAZING shot)
  • How to shoot different subjects (couples, singles, marking the passage of time, children, family, pets) and milestones (weddings, babies, etc)
  • Do’s and Don’ts for traveling with your camera (whether it be down to the park or overseas)

I just loved this book. It gave me so many great ideas. Not just the technical stuff explained easy, but also some great, often simple, ideas for photographing everyday stuff and making it a bit special.

I thought this book was good value, too. I got mine at a  little bookshop in Melbourne for  $40, but I have also seen it on Book Depository and Amazon for nearly half that price (no wonder all the bookshops are going out of business….please go to a bookshop!).

If you live in Australia, you can see Rachel talk about the book on The Circle this Friday (June 8th)!

It’s on like Donkey Kong


“On a windswept hill by a billowing sea, my destiny sits and waits for me.” Robert Brault

Has fate just stepped in or is this merely happenstance? You decide.

Tonight we had dinner guests- a work related friend of my husband, his wife and their three children.  This is the first time I had really sat down and talked with either of them, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear blogging mentioned…..and photography…. and a trip to New York this time next year. And…WAIT. WHAT? New York this time next year for BlogHer?!

BlogHer being waved in my face not a week after I had been inspired to reconnect with my blog after reading all about BlogHer 2011.

Surely a sign!

So, this lady at my dinner table, Rachel Devine, is, in fact, a professional photographer who is also a blogger. She has, in fact, spoken at BlogHer in 2010! And she is, in fact, going to New York city and will be attending BlogHer 2012!

So, it was here in the kitchen with my husband, the extremely talented Photographer/Blogger/Book Writer/Mummy of Three and her husband that a challenge/deal was laid on the table by my better half.

“If you write a blog entry every second day you can go….170 blog posts”.

Yeah. It’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

*cue inspirational music with eye candy*