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52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 38


Autumn 2013

8520317-macro-of-red-and-black-currant-bunches-and-leaves-isolated-on-whiteI’ve not been into my veggie patch in two weeks. I admit, the sudden turn in the weather has kept me mostly indoors with a wooly hat down over my ears!
I have been thinking about my garden, though.
Like what kind of wood I should make the beds out of. And how am I going to move the red/black currant bushes. Where am I going to move the red/black currant bushes to?
I figure that they need a lot of sun.
I honestly won’t be so sad if they don’t survive the transplant. My raspberries, on the other hand, would almost make me weep if they didn’t survive.
On that, my mother has a different variety of raspberries that were fruiting only a month ago! I need to get some cuttings from her so that I can have an extended supply of raspberries.
Gosh I love raspberries.


52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 15


Summer 2012Zucchini

I wish I had photos of all these berries in bowls, but I don’t because they never make it across the yard and into my house! I have two very efficient little birds that come into my garden and clean out the fruit on a daily basis. Not actual flying birds. These are the two-legged, house-living variety called Noah and Luci.

Oh well, I guess that’s the point, right?

Exciting to see little tomatoes on the plants and the zucchini flowering. This is surely a sign of vegetable success in the future.

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