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Painkilling – Monday Made


“Every nerve that can thrill with pleasure, can also agonize with pain.”~Horace Mann (A Few Thoughts for a Young Man)

Week 6 started with a bang- I ran 20 minutes straight last Monday. WOOOOOT!!

And then came Tuesday: Neck pain, neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

Wednesday: Neck pain neck pain, visit the doctor, get some pain killers, pass out on couch, neck pain. No exercise.

Thursday: Neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

You get the picture?

Not a pretty one.

By Thursday night I was a tense ball of angry pain. Angry and tense because, I can admit it, I have become dependant upon exercise. I’m an exercise addict. Without it, I fall to pieces. That is not good.

Friday night, neck feeling a bit better, I went for a run. What a release!! Saturday morning I got up for a run again. I passed a house where a kid was riding his scooter up and down the driveway. He had been there the night before too. He said to me “You’re always running.” I replied “You’re always on that scooter”.

Sunday: Neck pain, neck pain, neck pain. No exercise.

I feel flat. I feel tired. I’m snapping at the kids. I need to run. But I also need to admit that covering up pain with painkillers doesn’t actually get me better, it probably just makes it worse. I need to just rest.

But I’m an addict and I’m off to go run on my mum’s treadmill. Surely that is better than running on the road?


Me Against the Music – Monday Made


“Music is my drug of choice”~Kungfupussy

Did I just reference a Britney Spears song in the blog title? YES I DID. I’m not ashamed. I like a bit of Britney. I like a bit of all kinds of music!

It is the first day of Week 4 of the 12 WBT and all is going welll. I’ll say it now so I can just get it out of the way: I am becoming an exercise addict. I didn’t mean to but I’m pretty sure if you were to get addicted to something, exercise would be the thing to choose!

Not only is exercise becoming something I want to do each day (instead of begrudgingly psyching myself up to do it and hating every second of it), but my appetite, or more importantly, amount of food that makes me full, has shrunk considerably.  I went to a restuarant that I had been to previously and ordered something I had the last time I was there. I couldn’t finish it!! HIGH FIVE ME!!! Finally, my stomach is in tune with my actual needs!

Exercise this week hasn’t felt exceptionally tiresome. I have burnt about 400 cal a day on average just doing stuff that I needed to do- walking down to the shops or playgroup with the kids, weeding the garden. Nothing exceptional. I guess the proof will be in the Wednesday weigh-in.

One slightly exceptional thing I did do was on Wednesday (now known as my Wicked Wednesday Wig-out, as I don’t want to do a Super Satuday Session and take time away from husband and family), was an extended run as mentioned in a previous post here. I didn’t set out to go for a crazy long run, but I felt compelled by the music! I got back, feeling awesome, and checked Google Maps Pedometer and realised I had gone 7km! WOOOT!

I attribute it entirely to my running playlist. I am a music teacher and have a super wide taste in music.  You name it, I probably have it. I feel like there is a time and place for nearly every kind of music. My jogging playlist is a mix of different styles that mean different things to me. They are from different times in my life and remind me of all the different “me’s” there has been. Here is an example of a few:

“Run the World”- Glee Cast: Just got that one last week after watching Glee and thought it had a good running beat. Turns out it is now my ‘power song’ that makes me want to raise my fist in the air and scream “Who runs the world? GIRLS!” while jogging my guts out! (read all about it here)

“Sakura Drops” – Utada Hikaru: When I lived in Japan I used to jog at night around rice paddies to this song. It makes me think of the freedom I felt in Japan (and obviously the safetly to run at night in semi-deserted areas), of beautiful summer nights and the life of a single 24 year old.

“Napoleon Says”- Phoenix: Great upbeat song full of energy and fun. I hope to see these guys in concert one day.

“This Woman’s Work”- Kate Bush: not an obvious running choice, but it is one of those “yeah life can be hard but I’m a woman and I know I can do it” in a very quiet kind of way. It makes me think of giving birth to my first child, when I overheard the head nurse say to my midwife that if I didn’t get that baby out soon we were doing a C-section. “i know you got a little life in you yet!!”. I thought i was out of steam, but I got there!

“Everybody Got Their Something”- Nikki Costa: Awesome pop with a soulful voice. Just a really good warm-up, the world is good kinda song.

I could go on forever talking about the songs on my list. But I won’t. Like Nikki said, everybody got their something. My friend has just started jogging. She says a bit of redneck country gets her feet smashing up the pavement. Whatever gets you going, I say.