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52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 23


Summer 2013

Hot. Cold. Cold. Hot. Hot. Hot. Cold.

No wonder my plants are so under-whelming this year. Turns out it is not just me and my black thumb having a disappointing time in the veggie patch this year. On Tuesday I spent the arvo in my mum’s vast veggie patch hoping to absorb some garden knowledge from her while we tended the meagre offerings of her 20 year old patch. She too has had a bad time with her plants and produce this year. I blame the crazy weather. El Nino or whatever.

My mum encouraged me to get some more seedlings so I went for purple dwarf beans and a more mature capsicum plant (just can’t seem to let this capsicum dream go, can I?)

Picked a whole heap of tomatoes…..tiny little delicious tomatoes. I went to the farmer’s market last week and saw the same types of tomatoes that I have. Except they didn’t look miniature at all. My green zebra tomatoes are just runty.


52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 19


Summer 2013

So, going on a last minute holiday for the hottest week of summer EVER known to mankind and leaving your garden to be watered by a friend turned out to be in one sense, not the best idea in the world. The holiday itself was awesome though, and definitely worth any shrivelled plants that are a result of it.

Ok, so my friend did a great job watering every day, but the sun was just too hot. There were casualties in the veggie patch and in the ornamental garden too.

My peas are gone, as is the Vietnamese mint. The capsicum still are on the edge of death (as they have been since I planted them) and the eggplant looks pretty shakey too!

On the upside, my tomato plants are all weighed down with masses of fruit just waiting to turn red (or yellow or green with stripes as some of them are destined to be). They are a success so far.

There are more pumpkins appearing and zucchini too. Which is great because I bought this awesome kitchen thingy that very easy and quickly turns zucchini into pasta!! No more carbohydrate pasta guilt for me.

I have finally pulled out the kale and will get the chard out soon too leaving some space for some new seeds.

I know, I know. So far the only success with seeds has been the pumpkins. But I am an optimist at heart so I will find something to plant this week to fill the space. And you will probably read about my unsuccess with it in the next few weeks. Ho hum.


52 Shades of My Veggie Patch: Week 17


Summer 2012

That’s the last time I’ll write that. I guess next week it will be 2013!Raspberrries

I’m a bit excited about my garden this week. All of the tomato plants have lots of tomatoes at various stages of development. I am going to have so many colourful tomatoes soon!!

I also noticed yesterday that there is a zucchini on one of the plants and there are several (tiny) pumpkins.


With a hot spell and an expected high of 48 degrees C forecast for here in the next ten days, I am focussing on adequate hydration and a possible shade cloth so the plants don’t fry.

Wish me luck!!